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Af ter a busy year of implementing new projects, Ataç Kozmetik Inc. board member and company partner Zeynep Ataç Beşcan tells us about their 2018 plans and much more. Turkish women and especially the younger generation, likes to put on makeup and follow the latest trends. I believe we have a dynamic consumer base.

How was 2017 for you and what do you expect in 2018?

It was a very busy year for us, we worked very hard to catch up with the new developments with regard to products under our Moda brand and our ‘private label’ work. It was exciting to see new markets opening up. It is very difficult to foresee how 2018 will be since there will be some changes in some countries that may be difficult for us but nevertheless thanks to our new market goals and projects we have already been carrying out, we are entering 2018 with hope.

What is the secret of success in colorful cosmetics production?

Success in colorful cosmetics depends on details. Even the smallest details in color, texture and packaging are very important to us. A tiny addition of pattern on a packaging for instance, can change the overall image of the product. In terms of markets and customers, I believe the most important issue is to be able to follow-up.

Which color cosmetics trends in the world are caught by your radar?

We think lips and eyes have taken the stage lately. While the matte trend continues we also see a lot of illuminating and glowing textures in eye and skin makeup. Multicolor palettes are also among the beauty trends that are caught by our radar.

Pantone chose Ultraviolet, a warm shade of purple as the color of 2018. What do you think?

I think ultraviolet lights echo with the mystery of the universe, its obscurity and things related to the future. It seems to tell us to look for new technologies, be creative and aim the future with a visionary approach. Therefore, I really liked it.

What will be the color of 2018?

We will see a lot of dark shades like chestnut or plum and red on lips. As for the eyes, neutral eye shadows will be replaced by bright, neon, metallic and rainbow colors. At the other end of the spectrum, natural looking makeup will continue to be popular.

If we scrutinize the makeup and beauty habits of Turkish women what will be the most likely outcome?

Turkish women and especially the younger generation likes to put on makeup and follow the latest trends. I believe we have a dynamic consumer base.

As a family business Ataç Kozmetik is one of the first colored cosmetics companies in Turkey, isn’t it?

Yes, it was a bold step taken in a time when there were almost no cosmetics production in our country and it paved the way for many manufacturers. Founded by our father and uncle our company has been a pioneer in a number of fields in the sector. After becoming the local market leader with our Lady Rose brand, we have been one of the first companies to consider exports. Today together with our father Demir Ataç and my brother Haluk Ataç and my husband Doğan Beşcan as the second generation we share the work to carry our company even further.

How cosmetics are produced?

The production of cosmetics is very similar to that of pharmaceuticals and as producers we are working under the scrutiny of the Ministry of Health. We also have ISO certificates and our production follows GMP regulations. Since Ataç produces private label products for global brands we have to be very specific both in terms of contents and production processes. On the other hand, packaging is very important in color cosmetics and we may opt for very detailed designs with accessories to make our products more desirable and this translates into more effort.

Which Moda products are popular abroad?

Our liquid matte lipsticks are really popular. It has a special texture that is seen as the new lipstick trend. It is very easy to apply and longlasting despite being liquid, creating a super matte look on the lips.

What kind of innovations and new technologies can we expect in color cosmetics in the near future?

Innovation possibilities are endless in color cosmetics. Especially in terms of color, our options are limitless. We will be seeing new and very exciting colors in the near future.

What are you working on nowadays?

We are always working on new colors. Nowadays we are trying a new eye shadow texture, we are working on a glittery product.

What is the most important lesson you have learned in business life?

The most valuable virtue both in business and private life is to be honest and righteous and maintain friendships. To be remembered with love and respect by an old customer or an employee is very important to me. And loving what you do is always very precious.

What do you do to renew yourself and improve your vision?

I read a lot and try to keep up with new developments in every field. As long as you are at pace with the contemporary you are able to improve yourself and your vision. I love to travel, and my travels help me to feel renewed in every respect.

What are the essential rules of makeup?

I think makeup should not look heavy. In other words, the secret is putting on a lot of makeup but look as natural as possible without any exaggeration.

What are the essentials of your makeup bag?

Lipstick, mascara, and blusher and powder for small touches throughout the day.

When you think about the whole makeup process, including removing makeup, which step is more fun to you?

The most exciting part of putting on makeup is the harmony between the lips and the eye makeup; I am always surprised by this effect. Applying lipstick after finishing the eye makeup can transform the whole makeup into a completely different picture.

Can you tell us one of your favorite makeup tricks?

I illuminate the area encircling the eyes and especially the tear troughs and I guess this is my favorite trick.

Is there a makeup trick that you would ‘never’ try?

I don’t do any tricks on lips.

If you were to give a beauty and makeup tip to women what would it be?

All women are beautiful. Our makeup products are made to underline their beauty and highlight their natural features. Therefore, I recommend to choose the right products and use them moderately. Small touches can make a big difference.

How does Moda prepare a make-up collection?

We generally follow the trends and work to see what we can do with them. Deciding the number of products in the collection and the packaging are the foundation of preparations. Finding the right packaging and researching the formula is a long process but we also like to be spontaneous sometimes.

Did your mother give you any advice on beauty or make-up?

My mother has always been a well-groomed lady and as a child I remember her wearing make-up even at home. She didn’t need any special occasion to look good. Her most important advice to me was to make sure to remove my make up every night and go to sleep with a clean skin.

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