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Accordıng to Ömer Dağlar, perfume is a personal signature but Espaş Cosmetics brings much more to the table. A trustworthy and high quality approach to skincare and fragrance makes this company invincible.

If we put aside the natural scent of a person who takes care of him or herself, there’s nothıng more pleasant than a beautiful and enchanting perfume.

You blend salted vanilla and tangerine in your new fragrance Helen. What factors come into play when you select your raw materials? There are many dynamics we take into account when choosing our raw materials; these include the conditions of the current time, trends, age groups, seasonal changes and skin types. We make our choices based on these factors, and start production while staying true to our mission.

Your most recent fragrance has bergamot, black currant, pineapple and apple in its top notes. It is a fresh and flavorful fragrance that grabs people’s attention. When we look at male perfumes, what characteristics are usually desired? I believe that people should stay true to their own style and choices. In my opinion, men should make the opposite sex feel their masculinity and strength through their choice of perfume. Perfume trends vary from region to region and male perfumes have a narrower scent variety than female variations. We take this into consideration and try to create scents that exude freedom and confidence. And they need to be impressive as well.

Which products of Ixora have been the most successful in terms of sales and popularity?

Our Warrior, Eclat, Baiser, Kronos and Pastel creation scents are a few examples of our perfumes that have been selling really well. Besides perfumes, when we look at our skin care products, Argan and Shea Butter creams, beard serums and anti-aging creams have very high sale results as well.

What makes perfume a basic need?

My answer to this never changes: “Perfume is the soul’s food, it is a breath of air from heaven.’’ If we put aside the natural scent of a person who takes care of him or herself, there’s nothing more pleasant than a beautiful and enchanting perfume.

What stands out as the most important thing in Espaş Kozmetik’s mission, vision and values?

First and foremost, we strive to please our customers with high quality and trustworthy products. We want to impress and captivate people by our perfumes’ aura. Perfume is considered like a personal signature, you can remember a loved one or a lovely scene from your past by just simply smelling a perfume. Therefore I truly believe in perfume’s strength as an emotional tool.

Which Espaş Kozmetik products are well received in foreign markets?

This can change depending on cultural differences. Black Orient, Lolipop and Night Bomb do really well in Europe, while Sahara Storm and Gladiator are top sellers in the Middle East. People’s preference on notes and scent families vary drastically in these regions.

What are you working on these days?

Natural products have been on the rise in the beauty world in the last few years. This is of course related to our customers’ careful approach to their health and their wish to protect nature. We also pay attention to this demand and work on expanding our %100 natural skincare products.

What do you think about Turkey’s place in the global beauty perfume sector? Are we specifically stronger with certain raw materials or products?

In the fragrance field, when we look at the statistics that we receive from the consumer, we are still behind the Western market, however we work very hard to close this gap. I believe that our strength lies in plant based extracts and essential oils.

What perfume do you wear?

We have a wide range of perfumes so it is very difficult for me to choose one from all the options, but lately I’ve been using Warrior and feel really good wearing it.

What are some of the exciting projects you have in the works? What is next for Espaş Kozmetik?

We are always full of surprises. We frequently come together as a team and brainstorm about new and different projects we can work on. We stay true to our R&D fundamentals and research endemic plants from Turkey. We experiment with them to make them functionable and trustworthy to be used in our new dermocosmetic products.

Your brand includes a line of skincare products enriched by raw materials. Can you talk about your skincare line?

Natural is a word that we always talk about and one that is always on Espaş Kozmetik’s mind. We try to use materials that contain less chemical components, products which are more natural. Plants have magical effects, and we create products that will bring out these effects. Our skincare line includes hand and face lotion with three types of oils; olive oil, argan oil and shea seed oil. We also have sunscreen with St. John’s Wort, all natural bronzing creams and body scrubs with coffee beans. Our products receive great reviews from our customers and needless to say we are very pleased with the results.

How many stores do you currently have? Do you think about expanding?

We have 96 stores in total, 32 of them are outside of Turkey. Our product quality standard is very high, therefore we are able to reach wide audiences. This of course helps us to become a bigger and more powerful brand.


You also have e-stores. What are your thoughts on online shopping?

It is an undeniable fact that we live in the internet era, and you have to keep up with it in order to stay up-to-date. Almost everyone knows how to use the internet, the young population chooses online shopping to due the advantages, variety and practicality it offers. Knowing these facts, as Espaş Kozmetik we try to deliver excellent customer service with online shopping.

What about your indoor and car scents? Do these markets have different rules and trends?

This market is open to new ideas, we can create different products and take more risks. In this market, packaging design is as important as the scent itself. Indoor scents should never be stuffy, products which flavor the air should not create discomfort with a heavy scent presence, they need to be light and airy. We work on creating scents that will please everyone, ones which will bring comfort to people in closed spaces.

What is your favorite indoor scent?

We recently launched Sequioa Tree, I really like this scent. It is ideal for the start of a day with its light and fresh scent. Its pleasant scent motivates me.

What kind of an interaction do you have with your perfumers? How does a perfume come to life?

We begin by writing the story of the perfume we consider adding to our portfolio. This includes the bottle, packaging details, visuals and even the cap. We share these details with our perfumers who then take this information and continue with adding their amazing imaginative worlds and experiences to create incredible products that reflect our stories.

Who gave you the best professional advice? What would you like to advise the new generation?

I improved myself through the advices of experienced people in our sector, their life stories and writings. I continue to read a lot and always try to learn new things. As Madame de Scudery said ‘Men begins to live when he begins to love.’ That’s my advice to the young population, love your job, own your job, meet more people and know them well.

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