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Courage, industriousness and tenacity lie behind the success Tibet Inc. Has gained over the years in food and personal care industries. Mr. Fikret Yıldırıcı tells us about the story and future projects of this powerful company which was established in 1962.

"Health is a very important element in all industries that involves the individual and we design our products accordingly"

If we were to go back in time in Tibet Inc.’s history, what kind of an establishment story would we find?

Tibet Inc. was founded in 1962 and the foundation document was signed by the Prime Minister of the time, Ismet Inönü. The company began producing cleaning materials; our first product was Ernet Deodorant Blocks. Tibet Inc. crossed paths with Sultanlar Group in 1981. Sultanlar Marketing undertook the distributorship of the company in Turkey and contributed a great deal to the development of the brand. In 1983 Sultanlar Group acquired the company within the framework of their transition strategy from distributorship to production. Thus Tibet’s production facilities in 4. Levent passed into the ownership of Sultanlar Group and later was expanded to incorporate food products.

As far as we know, Tibet Inc. developed new brands in that period…

Yes and at the time the print media had run our story as “the company that put a barcode on a rolling pin”. As the supermarkets switched to bar-coded sales we seized the opportunity in non-food products and reated a new sector by institutionalizing this.

Which products or brands are most popular abroad?

Our liquid soap brand Saloon is very well known and enjoys a widespread sales network spanning from the Americas to Australia. Likewise Saloon’s shower gels, room perfumes and cotton varieties are among our most important export items. Deonet became a generic brand in Azerbaijan. Fulnet toilet deodorants are very popular in Iraq and Iran. Tibet Inc.’s first insect repellent Tiptrap has become a worldwide brand after being the market leader in Turkey.

In your opinion, what is the road to success in the cosmetics sector?

I think what I am about to say is basically true for not only cosmetics but for all kinds of industries; the formula to success involves understanding the consumers. Understanding consumers’ needs, more importantly their future expectations they themselves may not even be aware of yet, and meeting them before our rivals do will bring us success.

You have developed very powerful brands in personal hygiene and self-care sectors; what are your future projects to further improve their position?

First of all we keep tabs on the consumer trends very closely and shape our projects in line with them. Health is a very important element in all industries that involves the individual and we design our products accordingly.

"As a succesful company, we believe in the benefits of experiencing the market at first hand, therefore we definitely travel quite a lot"

How would you comment on the recent and powerful return of soap in the beauty industry?

Hygiene is at the foundation of beauty. In addition to hygiene, consumers also expect fragrance. And thanks to our efficient R&D team, it seems that we have been meeting their expectations in the best possible way as our sales grow with a rate above the industry average every year.

How do you determine the quality standards in food and cleaning products?

In addition to being ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certified, we’ve been audited by independent auditing companies in the field of social responsibility. We've also been audited in the environmental field as well. So, the high ratings we were given attest to the quality of our products and services.

Do you travel frequently?

As a succesful company, we believe in the benefits of experiencing the market at first hand, therefore we definitely travel quite a lot. The information we gather during these work related trips are evaluated by our product development and marketing teams, as well as our R&D department.

Which products do you use in your own personal care routine?

Saloon products are of course at the top of my personal care list. I also like to use our shaving products every day. There is also a medical cream I apply regularly since my facial skin gets extremely dry.

What are Tibet Inc.’s upcoming plans for the coming years?

We want to improve our position in terms of shower gels and plan to offer different products to the consumer. We have always been very enthusiastic and well-equipped when it comes to new product development. Our R&D team multi-tasks on various projects and we will be coming up with new surprises each and every year.

Which products do you recommend to your new customers?

I would recommend Saloon liquid soap varieties. They are very practical and can be easily added to our consumers’ daily self-care routines.

How do you define beauty?

Although what I think may not agree with the beauty industry, I would say that a person is beautiful when he or she knows how to love. And that's a very important quality.

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