Dirty Hands

When spring comes all we want to do is to cleanse and detox our bodies, but before doing this we need to get a little dirty! Clay and Mud are two timeless materials that nature presents us. Give them a chance.

Turkey is a very rich country in terms of clay and mud. There are a vast number of local thermal facilities.

Clay and mud have been used for therapeutic purposes since ancient times and we are sure this is not a surprising news for anyone. We wonder if mankind had realized the value of his discovery when he saw wild animals wallowing in the mud and decided that they knew something. Many wild species in nature coat their wounds and soothe their skin irritations, itches and rashes with mud. Those who like wildlife documentaries will remember the scene immediately. Let’s say you had a difficult month at the office and now your body feels slowed down with a sense of heaviness that you can’t quite understand… In that case you know where to go: the mud bath. But let’s complicate the scenario and add that you are not in a position to go to a SPA or a thermal facility. If this is the case, the only place to go is your bathroom. Here is what you should do: Fill your tub with warm water. In the meantime drybrush your body making sure that the brush moves from bottom to top, towards your heart. This rough massage will accelerate blood circulation and increase the therapeutic effect of mud. Take two cups of mud or clay and slowly pour into the water. Be careful not to inhale the steam. Gently stir the water with a wooden spoon, get into the bathtub and lie in there for at least 20 minutes. Another important thing to remember is to drink lots of water before and after. So what do our bodies get from taking regular clay or mud baths? Increasing blood circulation, detoxing the body, getting rid of dead skin cells and restoring your healthy and radiant skin. If you have oily or combination skin, clay masks can be lifesaving. Removing all the dirt on the skin, soaking in the excess oil and cleaning the clogged pores, clay masks may also create a wonderful opportunity for an Instagram selfie. But be careful! You must not let any clay mask or peeling product to dry on your skin since it will do more harm than good. You can begin rinsing after the color becomes two shades darker while the texture is still sticky and wet. Turkey is a very rich country in terms of clay and mud. There are a vast number of thermal facilities around the country, so why not indulging yourself with an authentic SPA weekend? Rich in organic substances the Afyon-Sandıklı mud is highly radioactive and therefore very good for muscle pains, rheumatism, various skin conditions and obesity. Tuzla thermal springs combine clay and mineral water to rejuvenate the skin. Balıkesir- Susurluk-Kepekler mud is one of the four mud types approved by the Ministry of Health. Denizli Tekke marsh is the home of a miraculous estrogen rich mud type called Turba. As for the bottom mud steer your direction to Dalyan, one of the many touristic attractions in our country. You can either visit these places or fill your bathtub. But make sure to treat your body with the miracle of mud.

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