Gürkan Gül Yağı A.Ş. (gülsha)

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  • Company Name Gürkan Gül Yağı A.Ş. (gülsha)
  • Address Sümbül Sok. No: 27 Levent İSTANBUL - Turkey
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  • Phone +90 212 324 58 59
  • Fax +90 212 324 58 50
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  • Authorized Name Gülşah Gürkan
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Founded in Isparta in 1965 , Gürkan A.Ş. family has spent over 50 years unearthing the healing secrets of roses while developing their artisanal approach to draw out the purest essential elements from the rose. gülsha is our new skincare line based on pure rose essential oil. Each product in gülsha range contains high concentrations of rose essential oil combined with other natural ingredients for a valuable and effective skincare regimen.
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