Gülçiçek Kimya ve Uçanyağlar San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

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  • Company Name Gülçiçek Kimya ve Uçanyağlar San. ve Tic. A.Ş.
  • Address G.O.S.B. Tembelova Alanı 3300 Sk. No: 3306 PK41400 Gebze KOCAELİ - Turkey
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  • Phone +90 262 677 00 00
  • Fax +90 262 677 00 25
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  • Authorized Name Sabi Polikar
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MG International Fragrance Company, the world’s first integrated fragrance production plant, was founded in 1961. The company supplies its Turkish-produced fragrances to more than 2,500 domestic companies and exports them to 65 countries. Export destinations of the top list are the UK, the United States, France, the UAE and Russia.

The company expanded eight-fold in 2015 with the opening of its new US$ 67 million-plant, invested in the Gebze Organized Industrial Zone, thus becoming one of the world’s major fragrance producing plants. The plant is the first in Turkey to use fully automated industrial robots in fragrance production on this scale.

5,000 m2 of the 45,000 m2 plant is reserved for innovation, organic synthesis and research. MG International Fragrance Company’s concerns extend beyond investment in technology and its production facilities are not solely devoted to manufacturing. Designed as a living area, they constitute a space in which art and manufacturing are intertwined.

The world’s most well-known perfumers are at MG International Fragrance Company

MG International Fragrance Company has succeeded in luring top fragrance experts from all over the world and it enables Turkish and foreign perfumers to collaborate in a harmonious creative process. New formulae designed by its eight expert perfumers invigorate the sector.


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