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We are a Turkish manufacturer of cosmetic products and our company which is owned by a doctor was established on 2018. Jophielle is a new dermocosmetic brand.
Jophielle Eyelight was develped by a doctor in the Aegean Univertity R&D Laboratories and it is our first developed product after a serious R&D process. Our product is clinically tested and suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.
Beauty and healthy skin are our priorities and we have dedicated and passionate team about desire to meet people’s needs. The company focuses on developing products for both women and men and our company will continue to introduce many innovative products to meet customers’ requests.
We believe a healty skin care routine is a part of an overall routine for total health. Therefore we decided to develop clinically tested and pH balanced product for both your health and beauty.


Our goal is to create high quality skin friendly products supported by clinical trials to help slow down the effects of the time. Jophielle is a pharmacy brand and launced to combine rich content with an elegant design to make the skin care more conscious and satisfying. With Jophielle your skin care routine can make you look beautiful and also be good for the health of your skin.


‘’ Rejuvanating sunscreen effect gel cream for dark circles around eyes ‘’

The world’s first and only eye contour dark circle gel cream created by using Nanotechnology.
The active ingredient combination is original. Domestic and overseas patent rights available. The gel product obtained with Nanotechnology provides effective penetration to the skin thanks to the Nanoparticles contained in the product.

Jophielle Eyelight is an anti-age, dermocosmetic eye contour gel which contains natural herbal ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Arnica. Beside our gel enriched with peptides and vitamins such as Vitamin K.
Our product helps decreasing line view, moisturizing and balancing the colour inequalities around eye with its content. It is an effective dermocosmetic product which helps changing the view of wrinkles around eye contour.

Jophielle Eyelight decreases the effect of UV by means of the solid lipid nano particles included within itself, shows sun protective feature.

It is lean. Suitable for all skin types. Does not contain alcohol, paraben and paraffin.

Jophielle Eyelight is a dermocosmetic eye contour gel which combines dermatological action with a cosmetic one to achieve healty and beautiful skin. Proper for all skin types including sensitive skin and also for both women&men. Our product is developed by a doctor and it is a dermocosmetic eye contour gel including Solid Lipid Nano Particles. Product tests, microbiological tests and clinical assessments were done in the Aegean University Laboratories. Jophielle is a R&D product which created within Aegean University Technopark.

Purpose of Usage:
• Helps to reduce the appereance of the dark circles around eye contour.
• Helps to remove ecchymosis (bruises) which occured after surgery and medical procedures.
• Tightens the eye contour skin, increases moisture capacity and helps to remove fine lines and wrinkles.
• Protects eye contour skin against ray of sunlight.

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